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As a transformational coach, I'm passionate about helping you make real change, belief in yourself and live a life you love. I love working with creative, passionate people who know they are made for more. 

Through my one-to-one packages, you'll receive dedicated time and space to go deep, hold yourself accountable and implement the real, expansive change. 

This work takes space, time and commitment. As such I ask for a minimum of three months to work together. By signing up you're showing yourself you are ready for life to feel light, exciting and joyful.

I can't wait to champion you on your journey. 

Have questions?

Unsure if it's right for you right now?

Want to know more about me and my style of coaching?



What's (really) going on for you? How does it make you feel? Where are the blocks? What needs to change? Coaching is a space to get beautifully grounded, process emotions and determine how to move forward.


What do you want from your life? 

How do you want to feel?

Use the space to envision a life that feels good for you, and go after it 


Are you carrying around stories that don't serve you?  Stuck in bad habits? 

Do stop yourself from doing things that light you up because of fear of judgement? 

Free yourself. Start living from a place that feels authentic and aligned. 


How often do you celebrate how far you've come? 

I'm here to champion you as you take action - big and small and start finding more joy!

Ready to take a leap into your future with me as your coach?


Apply now!


Please note that if accepted payment is due within 48 hours or your application will be withdrawn. 


While I ask you to apply to ensure the right fit I also believe in  transparency around pricing.

You can look at my packages right here.

All plans are subject to a signed client contract. Payment plans are available at an additional charge.  Please note that while coaching can be undertaken in conjunction with therapy should not be used a substitute for work with a trained counsellor.



Jo, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you! Coaching with Jo is such an enriching experience. She held me in such a safe, genuine, and loving space, and allowed me to think more deeply about those niggles of self-doubt, opening up another new way of looking at things, and at myself. I cried, I laughed, it was warm, open, and funny. There was a one liner that I now tell myself whenever I feel those niggles creeping in, it makes me smile and reminds me of who I am and to trust in myself without doubt. I wholeheartedly recommend coaching with Jo, she’s more than a little bit special.

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