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The letter than changed my life 

Several years ago I went through a devastating period of depression and anxiety, where I simply couldn't see my life going on.


Due to go on trip abroad I wrote myself a letter and left it on my pillow. When I returned, jet-lagged and vulnerable, the words gave me the comfort, hope and resilience I needed to move forward. They forever changed the way I spoke to myself and what I thought was possible.

Path to the page

During recovery I realised how much I kept inside: all the thoughts, feelings and experiences I'd been afraid to express.


It was like filling up a cupboard in your house with things you don't want to look at: the same feeling of dread and the knowledge that whether you liked it or not the cupboard will eventually pop open. I began writing daily, a practice I still use & love. 

An A-ha Moment 

When I looked at my old journals I realised how bitterly self-critical I had been.

I realised if I could make myself feel terrible I could also help myself feel good - by being compassionate and becoming my own cheerleader. It worked! I saw how many women around me struggled with negative inner voices and knew I could help.

Where it's taken me

Now, hundreds of people have been through my workshops and courses, experiencing the same life-changing effects they brought me!

And I still write creatively - in fact I'm working on a second book. The same calm, self-compassionate approach I share in workshops helps me to thrive in my life, by making aligned and authentic decisions. 

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