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Welcome to the...

self-compassion Challenge 

28th February to the 2nd March 2023 

Are you...

Sick of your critical inner voice holding you back?


Finding it hard to feel good about yourself?

Deflecting compliments instead of receiving them?

Listening to a nagging voice telling you how you 'should'  think or feel?

Ready for real change?

I get it.

I decades spent my life in the grip of fierce self-criticism.


I had a beautiful life full of beautiful things and never felt good enough. Instead, I pushed myself harder - to be prettier, thinner, more accomplished...but whatever I did was never enough, because I didn't support myself.

Then, after a moment of reckoning, everything changed. I started speaking to myself with love and care. I discovered the magic of self-compassion.

I haven't looked back.


Now, I'd love to share it with you.

In a mix of live teaching and bite-sized tasks I'll take you through the nurturing practices I use daily to support myself, make aligned decisions and pursue my dreams. 


  • What self-compassion is (and isn't) 

  • The benefits it can have

  • How to start gently and meaningfully

  • Practical ways to integrate it into your life, no matter how busy you are

  • More about my journey and personal rituals 


  • Anyone who has a desire to be kinder to themselves - you might be complete beginner or have fallen off the self-compassion wagon

  • You want more freedom, joy and confidence

  • You're up for a challenge!


  • Access to the internet – you can watch any time as everything will be available on replay

  • A notebook and pen

  • An open-heart


Jo Bell is a qualified writing for wellbeing facilitator, transformational coach and author. She founded Write to Thrive™ in 2020, after expressive writing helped her recover from severe depression and anxiety. She is still learning, exploring and discovering and believes that self-compassion is the basis for living a more loving life.  

She lives in the Scottish Highlands with her dog Hope.

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