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How powerful is the light within you? 

Do you long to connect to the power you know you have? To feel lit-up by your life and delight in it? To make decisions that feel right for you?

This eight-week container will help you build self-trust, self-worth and equip you with the confidence to step forward again and again. 

Are you ready TRULY get behind yourself and live out your dreams? 

Hey, I'm Jo - an author, qualified teacher,  transformational coach and words for wellbeing facilitator. 

Not long ago I was behaving like a sub-character in my own life, working in a job I'd outgrown in a city I no longer loved. Then, I changed everything to pursue a life I love

What is possible for you when you let go of what you expected and lean in to what you want?

When you embrace your power and show up differently?

When you let yourself be seen?   



Learn or build on this magical skill and embody self-compassion by living it!

Learn to set loving boundaries - without feeling guilty. 


Instead of pushing your feelings away learn how to navigate challenging feelings and soothe yourself.


Let go of old stories and limiting beliefs and step into the glorious human you are. 

We'll uncover things you didn't even know you thought!


What do you really want? Define your goals and take action that aligns with your values - celebrating yourself along the way! 


Join an exclusive group of like-minded people, make connections for life and benefit from  collective momentum! 


Stop comparing by learning  how to stay in your lane, put yourself first and watch as everyone around you benefits.

This is for you IF...
  • You know your self-critical voice is holding you back 

  • You keep procrastinating or making excuses and you know it's not helping!

  • You want more freedom, presence and joy 

  • You put everyone else first and it's left you depleted 

  • You are willing to be vulnerable in a group container (and experience the magic that comes!)

  • You are behaving in ways that don't feel good to you.

  • You are ready for real change! 

It's not for you if...
  • You don't believe change is possible

  • You are firm about your beliefs and not willing tom question them

  • You're not willing to open up in a group 

  • You don't have a minimum of two hours a week to dedicate to self-development

  • You can't meet the course fee, or doing so would put you under financial strain

Have questions?
Lit Candles

I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being 

- Hafez

What MY Clients Say



Jo is so calm and composed and creates such a soothing and supportive environment.

 I felt completely held by Jo  and I shifted so many emotions that I didn’t realise had been weighing me down. I will definitely be back.!


Pure Magic.


  • Course begins w/c 20th of March

  • We will meet twice a week for eight weeks (on zoom, so you can join from anywhere!) with a break in the middle for integration 

  • One of these sessions will be teaching and coaching, the other writing (most of the time) 

  • Acceptance on to the course is subject to a signed client contract

  • The course fee is non-refundable 

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