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The ME Membership

Are you ready to break free of your inner critic, gain clarity and commit to feeling good?

The ME membership is a space for you to cultivate calm, confidence and compassion – without feeling like you're adding more to your to-do list.
It's a space to choose yourself – which can seem radical. 
Each month we’ll consider a theme, such as self-compassion or limiting beliefs and investigate it throughout the month, fitting in writing where it feels good. 
There will also be a live workshop, a nurturing guided practice led by me, providing dedicated time and space to write. Plus, I'll share my favourite personal practises, resources and tips.

I've designed this to be the most affordable and accessible way to work with me. So, what are you waiting for?



What’s includeD 

  • A monthly theme to work through in your journaling, introduced on a podcast-style audio.

  • Monthly Deep Dive Workshop: ground, release and cultivate hope, with an optional opportunity to share


  • Monthly prompt workbook 

  • A recorded ritual for when you sit down to write.

Image by Mika Baumeister
Image by engin akyurt

  • Nudge notes - loving encouragement to keep writing 

  • Writing playlists - to accompany workshops & your personal writing practice​

  • 20% discount on journaling audios 


  • End of month session to release and reset. 

  • Recordings to replay at anytime 

Levitating Books


  • You’re fed up of your critical inner voice 

  • You want to feel supported while making positive change

  • You frequently feel stressed or overwhelmed 

  • You long to be kinder to yourself but don’t know where to start 

  • You’re curious about journaling and what it can bring you 

  • You want to write but fear the blank page 

  • You worry about being judged on what you’ve written

  • You’re committed to looking at the things that come up and finding a positive way through

  • You value a calm space for reflection 

  • You’re looking for a creative writing course

  • You want a high level of teaching and accountability (those will be my other courses – coming soon!)

  • You feel confident in all your decisions 

  • You don’t have a loud inner critic 

  • You don’t need guidance and support

  • You’ve decided journaling doesn’t work for you

  • You have zero time

Image by Jess Bailey


£27 per month 

£269 per year 



I need to know more 

Of course, read the FAQS below, go here for testimonials or hop into the chat with any questions.

It's not for me.

No problem! Check out my other offerings and thanks for stopping by. 


  • I'm a qualified teacher and trained Words for Wellbeing facilitator 

  • Writer of novels and stories, poet and performer  

  • Creator of safe, nurturing spaces to write

  • I founded Write to Thrive after writing a love letter to myself saved my life. Later it helped me to become unstuck, get out of my own way and learn to thrive in my life. I want this for you too! Every exercise I offer is something I've used and benefited from.

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I’m totally new to journaling, can I still join? 


Absolutely. The workshops and audios are completely guided - there is no ‘right way’ to do this. 


What do I need? 


A notebook, pen and access to the internet. It really is that simple. 


What’s the time commitment?


The only commitment to make is the one that feels right for you. The monthly workshop is 90 minutes long, but you can use the resources daily. It’s designed to fit into your lifestyle and feel supportive, not overwhelming.

 What happens if I decide it’s not for me? 

Then it’s not for you! Cancel any time, no questions asked. 


What are the benefits of a membership, versus coming to a monthly drop-in?


With a monthly drop-in you get dedicated time to sit with yourself and reflect. In the membership you will get more tools to use throughout the month and gentle support to keep up your writing. 


Still not sure? Drop me a message with any questions and remember it’s risk-free! You can cancel any time. 

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