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How to Make Decisions

In my teens and early twenties, I was overwhelmed by decisions. I was constantly looking around myself to check if I was doing life the ‘right way’ and never felt certain that there wasn’t another, better path I could – or should – have taken. 

Sometimes choices I made came from fear – to go to a party even though I didn’t like the people, or to take on extra work because I ‘had to’ – others were what I truly desired – the university I went to, travelling… 

In the aftermath, I always felt like there was another, better way I hadn’t quite found. 

Often the resistance inside me ruined the experience because I was so doubtful that I had chosen ‘correctly’.

In short, I had no self-trust.

It wasn’t until years later, when I discovered self-development, that things shifted.

Because here’s the thing when it comes to decisions: there’s no right, and there’s no wrong.

There is only what you choose. Really.

If you find yourself stuck with making decisions here are three questions to ask yourself:

What is my come from? Is it love and possibility, or am I in fear?

Will this decision take me closer to the person I say I am - and want to be? Or, am I in fear and telling myself certain things aren’t possible for me? It’s ok to be scared – it can be a sign TO do something, rather than back away.

How does it feel in my body - when I think about either option? Can I listen?

If you’re choosing between two things write them on separate sheets of paper, then put them on the floor. Step into the first and notice what your body does. Repeat the process with the second. Listen to

the wisdom of your body. What does it tell you about what you actually want?

Am I letting other people influence my choice?

Ask yourself if you’re looking for approval, rather than truly listening to yourself.

You've got this ✨

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