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Welcome to Write to Thrive: an inclusive and supportive self-care space designed to help you connect to your inner voice, practice self-compassion and cultivate hope through writing. It is for everyone–from those who journal everyday to someone who hasn't picked up a pen for years.

Everything you find on this blog has come out of my own journey, managing depression and anxiety, as well as the up and downs of everyday life (more on that later). So often important parts of ourselves sit neglected. We experience ‘stuckness’, self-doubt and an inability to pursue what makes us most happy. Through writing for ourselves we can shift our inner voice from bitter, negative and cynical to supportive and compassionate. We can become our own biggest cheerleader. We can finally start to believe that things are really possible. And when life gets tough? We have developed the self-support to fall back on.

Everything I am choosing to post on this blog has been tried and tested, I only put up prompts that really work!

Ready? Let's get writing.

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