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Joanne Bell journaling on a window seat


Finding the right words - your words - is start of something magical. My mission is to help you access it's power. 

Journaling is proven to: 

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Lift your mood

  • Improve physical health 

  • Enhance resilience

  • Boost self-confidence

And much more.

My unique approach to journaling prioritises two things: honesty and kindness. 

We all need space where we feel supported, where we can express ourselves without fear of judgement, where we can experience compassion. 


The good news is: you can give this to you.  

Let me show you how. 


My signature workshops are a place to ground and connect to yourself – no experience required.


Combining breathing and grounding techniques with hopeful sequences they are designed to leave you feeling nourished and uplifted.    

Check the schedule for my latest offerings

Or, to hire me for an event go here. 

Joanne Bell journaling
Joanne Bell on the beach smiling


I provide writing workshops and courses for organisations and within memberships.


Clients have included investment firms, public sector organisations and private businesses. 

Download an outline of my services here, bespoke options available


To discuss requirements and get in touch.


You'll find over a hundred letters with free prompt sequences over on my Substack.

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Joanne Bell reading a book
Joanne Bell sitting at a window



I wanted to say thank you. Your sessions really have such an impact. They give me space to write and think things through and give myself some much needed kindness. And I'm actually taking action and doing things differently! I appreciate your sessions soooo much. Your kind, honest and calm style is absolutely brilliant. 


Jo has an innate and empowering ability to gently guide even the most resistant soul to a place of positive affirmation and self love. Her sessions were hugely therapeutic and thought provoking and her voice a vessel of positivity. I can’t wait for the next ‘love bath’!"


Jo created a beautiful experience that wasn't patronising or pushy the way some similar courses can be. The change in my mindset and how I approached my life was clearly visible, and I attribute a large part of this to working with Jo.

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