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Get clear on where you are

What if the thing you wanted to do was the thing you did?

Maybe you have ideas for 2024 but life feels stale, stressful or just a bit meh.

Maybe you're lost and overwhelmed.


Maybe you're doing ok, but you know there's more.

Our subconscious controls 96-98% of our behaviour. 


That means we have to work with the deeper beliefs we hold about ourselves, and the world, for lasting meaningful change. 

I'm here to show you how.


Whether it’s a dream you’ve hidden for years, getting to the next level or taking action again Believe is designed to equip you with practical tools and the encouragement you need to live your dream year. 


This four-day event will help your self-belief skyrocket so that you can create the future you truly desire. 


No gimmicks, only scientifically proven techniques to reprogram your body & mind on the deepest level. 

You get...

  • ​A roadmap to move you away from limiting beliefs and towards the life you desire 

  • Epic live teaching and coaching

  • A gorgeous community to uplift and inspire you 

  • Guided journaling and visualisations

  • Scientifically proven techniques 

  • Replays to reflect on 

  • Practical tools to take away


Who I am 

In short I'm Jo, a certified transformational coach (and master coach in training), writer and journaling advocate.


Since 2019 I've been on a mission  to help as many people as possible unlock the lives they desire, through healing the past, connecting with their inner voice and defining a life that truly feels like them. 

I've watched client after client go from 'I can't' to 'I can' and I'm ready to support you in believing in yourself too. 

What people say about my events...

I'm now noticing when I'm being unkind to myself and trying to break the habit. The safe and compassionate space helped me challenge my thoughts and beliefs.


I enjoyed watching people show up...I think I knew what I needed to do but needed encouragement.


Learning the techniques, and understanding how self-talk can change things has been huge. I'm trusting & valuing myself over how others will respond. I'm more confident, I've started to find, and use, my voice.

- Anne

I gained permission to step away from societal norms and expectations that had been ingrained in me for decades.



I realised l have put my happiness and joy to the back of the queue. Now, l'm mindful of my inner critic, keeping it in check, l have committed to a self care schedule to make myself a priority. 

- Kirstin

The way Jo holds space in a group and for group coaching is so special. She allows time for things to sink in. She is also boundaried and leads by example.

- Margot 


All this in four days?

I hear you, inner sceptic.

What I can tell you is that huge shifts are possible – when you show up.

I'm giving you the tools and techniques which have transformed my life - taking me from a career I'd lost interest in and not having the confidence to make an instagram video  to having my own business, training with the best coaches in the world and have the freedom to live out my dreams. 

This isn't fiction, I see the same tools change the lives of clients I worked with every single day.

I believe beautiful things are possible for you too.

BELIEVE is for you if...

  • You're ready to leap into your future 

  • You'd love things to change and need support to make it happen

  • You want to come back to YOU  

  • You're stuck in unhelpful patterns and behaviours  

  • You've lost self-trust and confidence

  • You’re open-hearted and ready and willing to participate

Sit it out if...

  • You don't believe change is possible, or you're completely satisfied with life and confident things will work out 

  • You aren't open to the power of coaching

  • You won't implement the teachings

  • Group work isn't your thing. Go here to learn more about working with me one-to-one

What do you believe can happen in 2024?

What do you want to be telling people about at the end of the year? 

What's possible if you believe in you?

What then?

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