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Coaching is a life-changing investment
in you 

Ready to create a life you love, feel at ease with yourself and own your worth? Get a coach who can hold your vision and hold you accountable

Let's get to it – what does life-changing actually mean? 


Doing the work to heal your past and take meaningful action toward a future that is by design, not default. 

The best part? We smash through your limiting beliefs along the way.

Perhaps you're stuck in a job you hate, can't get past a certain level in your business or find yourself in constant comparison. Perhaps you want to stop second-guessing what you say and picking yourself apart in the mirror. Perhaps you want to work out what you actually want. 


Coaching can feel like magic, because 96% of our behaviour is subconscious. This means that oftentimes we can’t see the beliefs, thoughts and behaviours that are holding us back. 

A great coach will hold up a mirror to who it is you say you want to be – and help you get there. 

When I got my first coach I knew I was ready for change. 

In our sessions saw how often my actions didn’t match my words, how the wounds of the past were playing out in the present and why I kept

myself small.


My life changed because I showed up for myself again and again, started taking action and disapproving all those old stories and beliefs. 

One-to-one coaching is for you if you…

  • Want to let go of fearing what others think 

  • Experience obstacles or challenges in moving forward in your life 

  • Struggle to feel good in social situations and come home feeling deflated

  • Are ready to break the pattern of beating yourself up, but don’t know how

  • Have tried other things but nothing’s worked 

  • Know something better is possible for you

  • Would love support in seeing the ineffective patterns playing out in your life 

  • Are ready to have your beliefs and behaviour challenged 

  • Are committed to real change and ready to invest a significant amount of time and money into making it happen 

One-to-one coaching is an intimate experience, so making sure you have the right person for you is vital. I have a chemistry call with any prospective client, meaning don't just get support, you get support that's right for you.


As a certified Master Coach with Elementum Training Institute I am a trauma-informed coach specialising in Inner Child and embodiment work, including somatic release. 


I use a unique blend of tools and modalities with each client, exploring what is most needed in the moment, and what will support them long term.


I am also trained in include: neuro-linguistic programming, internal family systems, nervous system regulation, conflict management, masculine and feminine energetics, sexuality, high performance, spirituality and emotional intelligence.

And, most importantly, I've been there.


While I might be a few steps ahead on my journey I know what it's like to criticise and put pressure on yourself, feel like everyone else is getting it right and you aren't and swim in self-doubt. 

I also know it doesn't have to be this way.

Each day I embody the practices that have made a difference to me and stay committed to my own learning and growth.


In short I walk the talk. 

Why work with me?




Jo created a space that made me feel so safe, which meant I could feel vulnerable and work out where I wanted to make changes.


I was telling myself so many stories and Jo challenged me to look at these and work out they were not the truth.


Through my work with Jo, I have learnt to be kinder to myself and to challenge these stories I've been telling myself, which has helped me start to make changes. I can highly recommend Jo!


Jo's gentle approach gives the chance for you, as the client, to express your thoughts in a non-judgemental environment.


Jo has a lovely balance of enquiring questions and careful silence.


She has helped me to identify my inner critic and how sneaky she can be in a way that allows me to recognise when it's happening and take effective measures that work for me, to deal with it.


Can't recommend Jo highly enough!


There’s just something about Jo!


She is magical and sees the magic in you.


She helped me get clear on WHY i wanted my dream and I now feel so much more powerful in taking action, believing it’s well within my reach and that it’s simply meant to be.

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