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How to choose yourself without anxiety, guilt & ‘shoulds’

Do you...

  • Deflect compliments because they are ‘just being polite’

  • Focus on what you haven’t done right and beat yourself up

  • Tell yourself it’s ok for her…

  • Label yourself lazy or selfish when you binge-watch TV

  • Resent the people you put first because ‘they don’t even notice’

  • Hold back on posting about your business or passion, telling yourself it’ll annoy people

  • Find yourself in spiral of guilt when you cancel plans

  • Buy that dress, then worry about what other people think so much you don’t wear it

  • Believe you don’t deserve to put yourself first (or even on the agenda at all)

In this masterclass you'll...

  • Discover the habits that are keeping you stuck in the cycle


  • Unlearn the subconscious beliefs running the show


  • Let go of guilt and ‘good-girl’ programming


  • Master making unapologetic choices


  • Step out of comparing and define what feels good for you

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