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Joanne Bell sitting at a desk with an open notebook, smiling

Coaching for Writers

Are you a writer that's not writing?
Have you lost your confidence?
Unsure where to start?

Whether you're writing a novel, non-fiction book or something else entirely I can help you get on track and make meaningful progress in a way that feels good.

Writing helps us navigate our place in the world. 

Journaling is proven to reduce stress, increase confidence, boost your mood and even improve your immune system. 

But more than any of that, more than the science, it helps you connect with you in the most honest, powerful way. 

It connects you to your soul. 

When we're young we're so free in our self-expression. 

Then something happens. 

We learn to judge it as good or bad. 

We put limits on what we 'should' or 'shouldn't' say.

Things happen and we become afraid to face them.

I'm here to help you connect back to your truth, the power of your voice and what using it can give you.

Joanne Bell sitting at a window journaling
Notebook and a cup of tea

'You taught me
how to write really powerfully for can't put a price on that.
That's priceless.'

- Client testimonial 

This 40-day programme is a life-changing personalised service unlike any other. 

I combine my experience as a coach, published author and writing for wellbeing facilitator to co-create absolute magic.  


In one-to-one coaching we'll identify your blocks to writing and generate a bespoke action plan that really works. ​

Over the course of forty days you'll commit to writing your way, leaving you motivated, inspired and with skills for life. 

Transformational Coach Joanne Bell with a cup of tea

Hey, I'm Jo.

I'm a trained writing for wellbeing facilitator and since 2019 I've led hundreds of people through my Write to Thrive® sessions, helping them gain confidence, clarity and compassion. The results have lasted far beyond the time we've spent together and people return again and again. 

I'm also a certified transformational coach: meaning I can help you go deep on what's really going on in a safe, confidential container. 


But beyond all of that I write.

I've written countless stories, poems and two full-length novels. I've had work published and been selected to perform at events.


There's nothing like the kick I get out of language.

But I've also experienced resistance. I know how to help you through, because I've done it myself. 

It's your commitment to you: and I'm here to champion you in honouring it. 


An initial one-to-one coaching session to go deep on what's blocking you from writing and the beliefs that surround it. 

My expertise in accessing your inner voice through writing and how to overcome barriers and blocks

A personalised programme to get started in a way that's achievable, motivating and fits with your lifestyle. No, you don't have to get up at 5am every day. 

Check-ins to keep you accountable

Two further one-to-one coaching sessions to review, release and set intentions for going forward.

Are you ready to transform your relationship with writing?

To feel motivated, alive and inspired? 

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